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Accused at 17 / Виновна на 17 (2009)

Accused at 17 / Виновна на 17 (2009)

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When 17-year-old Bianca Miller (Nicole Gaie Anderson) finds out her boyfriend cheated on her with a classmate (Dory, 17), she’s furious. When her best friends Fallyn, 17, and Sarah, 17 suggest they play a prank on Dory to make her pay, Bianca agrees to go along. The three girls lure Dory to a remote location, intending to leave her out there in the dark and make her walk home. But when Dory doesn’t show up to school the next day, everyone, including Bianca, start to worry. When Dory’s dead body is found by a hiker, Bianca is horrified and wants to go to the police. She confesses to her mother Jacqui (Cynthia Gibb) the details of the prank and the two decide to go to the police and tell them.